Complete uninstall before a Locus pro fresh install issue

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Since Android 2.x.y.z, I use to completely dump the cache, erase data and uninstalling an app before installing a new version of this app. This is a little bit hard and long to do each time but I found out that it was the only way to go in order to be sure that every piece of the previous version has been removed. I was doing this with Locus Pro. I have a backup of about 10GB for the Lomaps. When Locus 3.18.7 has been released, I was very, very surprised to see that it was not possible to completely clean and erase the previous version, 3.18.6 in my case. It was very strange to see that the Android 6.0.1 on my Galaxy S7 is now considering Locus as a system app, i.e. included in the Samsung ROM build. So it is possible just to clean de the cache and desactivate the app. I have attached some screenshots to illustrate this. Something is going wrong but I don't know what. Any idea ?

Thanks sl91

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only thing that may affect this, is "Screen on/off" settings in Locus Settings > Display. To let Locus Map control turn on/off of display, it is needed to make Locus "System administrator" - this is confirmed by user when needed for the first time.

Please check your device settings > Security > System administrators (or something similar). There will be probably enabled Locus Map application. So disable it and all will be fine.

Btw. is this method of updating useful in any way?

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