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Voldik shared this problem 7 years ago

Hi, when I download computed (GC4L) cache or when I create new final waypoint the result is, that cache is marked as computed (fine), moved to computed coords (fine) but has at least two waypoints with exactly the same coords - Original Coordinates and Final Waypoint.

So, when I display all cache's waypoints and cache itself then I have three points on the same position in the map.

I would appreciate that Original Coordinates WP have the real original coords if possible (if not, then this WP is useless). Also, when Final WPT is not included in data imported to Locus or I don't create it by myself then Locus shouldn't create it. It is also useless.

I assume checked "Move to final coordinates" in settings for this report.

For example: There is a multicache with only task: Go X metres in azimuth Y°. I did this at home, set new final coords in listing and 1 year later I went for this cache. I was unable to find it but I had up-to-date listing. So for a case that owner changed its task I would like to be able to compute new final coords from its original coords. Then I wasn't because original coords have pointed to the final coords.

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I have to say, that Locus itself do not create any waypoint automatically. So if there are any new attached to cache, it has to be created thanks to Geocaching4Locus add-on!

In new released test version is now available possibility to restore cache to it's original coordinates (without need for some waypoint from G4L)

Hope it will work fine and do what you expect.

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