Config file resets itself after phone restarts

elmuSSo shared this problem 6 years ago

I spotted that in a previous version and it still occurrs in a new one.

- I`m configuring config file

- Turning on Locus - all config changes are working

- Restarting Locus - all config changes are still working

- Restarting phone

- Chcecking config file - its contents are fine, not changed

- Turning Locus on - changes dissapeared, everything came back to normal/default state

- Turning Locus off

- Cheecking contents of config file - Everything came back to default state - all configuration dissapeared!

Please confirm.

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Can anyone confirm that, please?


Sometimes after phone restart caused battery low level, Locus come back to default settings. Locus was a top application when phone turned off.


hmm, I can`t reproduce this error.

...- Restarting Locus - all config changes are still working

- Restarting phone...

Quit Locus before?

Do you use "Automatic backup"?

Do you use "Locus as a service"?

Your Device?

Your OS Version?

Your ROM?


I believe Locus was turned off at the time of restarting a phone.

Automatic backup: ON

Locus as a service: ON

HTC Desire Z

Android 4.2.2

Cyanogenmod 10.1 Andromadus VISION-22


We’ve also tried to reproduce it but obviously everything works fine. Does it happen every time or is it a coincidence? Maybe one idea .. don’t restart so often :)


Coincidence of what?


I recreated the bug again.

Prerequisites ( I don`t know which one are really needed to recreate it)

- Locus as a service

- Live tracking on

- Network KML on

- Resetting a phone, when Locus is still turned on

Interestingly, after restarting a phone, the config.cfg is still fine. But after entering Locus it is already resetted. But config.cfg is resetting AFTER Locus is turned of again.

A good indication of config.cfg being set to default are plane`s icons - when they are painted as red dots - default config is set. When they are yellow planes - my (proper) config.cfg is set, like this:

Here is a video of the incident. It was taken AFTER the brute restart of the phone.

This is AFTER the brute restart of phone (during Locus ON) and BEFORE running Locus again: airplanes should be yellow, and the

control line #1 is dev_record.debug_logs=1 (at 00:23) and

control line #2 is map_action_double_tap_zoom_only = 1 (at 00:33)

When Locus is run again, planes are red dots now. And the

control line #1 is dev_record.debug_logs= (02:20) and

control line #2 is map_action_double_tap_zoom_only = (02:27)

Both lines are reset, what indicated that the whole file is reset. File is reset AFTER the Locus is exited the second time. When you will check the file during the Locus being turned on, the file will still look as the proper one.


thank you for a testing ...

looks for me, that only idea why this may happen, is that Locus is unable to load config file after start, because card is not yet ready to usage. Weird is that locus start at all, because it should notify that card is not yet ready and close itself.

Anyway as I check code, even in case, config is not loaded after start, it is saved when close. So in this case, saved with default! values. I`ll fix this

We`ll see if this helps on your problem also.


good to hear that. again, I almost thought I`m crazy:P


it`s always a problem of developer, keep this in your mind ;)


I`m happy I was able to help again. And Peter`s statement was pretty demotivating. Coincidence ...