Confirmation dialog boxes

joeloc shared this idea 6 years ago

I think Locus should follow one single standard paradigm with all of its confirmation dialog boxes ("Do you really want to do this? yes/no"):

Always have a checkmark inside the box that offers a "Do not ask this question again" option. In every single one of those boxes, no exceptions! Selection must be stored obviously.

In Settings / Misc, you can have a single menu item called "Show all dialog boxes" that would reset the no-state of all those questions. Some apps (eg k9mail) offer a list of all their dialog boxes here where you can enable/disable them individually, but thats a bit overengineered imho. Just a global "reset" would do the job.

Right now, it`s a bit of a mess in Locus: Some boxes seem to have this capability already, most dont, and some even have a separate item in prefs (eg "Global / Confirmation on Exit"). It would simplify the UI if things would be similiar all over the place.

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Good day joeloc,

I'm checking some older ideas with the low amount of votes. I have to say, that over years, dialogs with an option "don't ask" was removed instead of added. So if we may talk about "unification", then rather in terms of removing of "don't ask" checkboxes. Thanks for understanding.