convert SQLITE DB map to lowrance .LCM format (compatible with lowrance devices)

karl kasz shared this question 7 years ago


First of all. I am not an expert at all, so please forgive me if I ask for something really stupid or trivial.

I have Lawrence gpsplotter/fishfinder and I need to somehow load custom .SQLITE DB map into this device. I managed to successfully load and display my routes and waypoints. I simply exported .GPX from my android device and then I converted .GPX to the .USR and this works perfect. However now, as I said I need to create map, on which I would be able to plot aforementioned .GPX data.

I have been digging quite a lot and I found out that Lowrance devices are capable to read data in the lowrance .LCM format. Furthermore, I know that there is a tool that you can buy, named globalmapper which is able to convert to lowrance .LCM format. However, it doesn't read .SQLITE DB format...on the other hand it reads many other ones (here:

So, could you please indicate me the way I should proceed with that problem, like step-by-step, convert from which to which format, in order to get that LCM. I was trying to figure this by my own but I am already brain washed.



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Hi Karl

' think that's the wrong place to post a questíon as an idea for wrong app...



you are right..definitely wrong place:) was late evening :)))...I will post again the same question in the "questions" categ..


Hi Karl,

I'm sorry gynta wanted probable say that this is wrong place at al. I mean that I'm not able to give you clear answer because you the question should placed on lowrance developer site. Anyway I can suggest to check following tools:

These tools are very powerful and maybe you can find some solution how to convert your maps.



thanks anyway


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