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Copyright question about LoPoins DB format

Skully Fox shared this question 3 years ago

Hi. Menion!

Because your publication of "mapsforge poi tool" dealyed so long time,

We decided to make our own POI db (Lomaps-poi-db format. i.e. south_korea.osm.db)

It will contain millions of POIs 'not included' in official Openstreetmap poi.

(that's the reason why we make our own. We gathered those pois for years and keep it

up to date)

And we would like to change poi icons.

We will make our own poi db with spatialite_gui tool to insert our country's POIs

into Lomaps original south_korea.osm.db

Is there any Copyright problem to use our own poi-db file with Locusmap?

I would very appreciate it if you confirm about this issue.

Thank you.

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Hello Skully,

indeed, publishing of POI generator seems to be one of the tasks that are slowly beeing a small "nightmare".

Anyway to your question: definitelly. There is absolutely no problem with creating own database in the same (compatible) format. The format is not secret (never planned to be). If there will be something I may help with, let me know.



Thank you for your confirmation, Menion.

Have a good day.

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