Correction of coords in final WPT arn´t transmitted to listing coords

balloni55 shared this problem 7 years ago
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If setting "Move to final waypoint" is set, coords from "Final" WPT are set also as listing coords.

This work only on first attempt,

so if i do a correction (wrong input) of these coords in final WPT, these corrected coords arn´t transmitted to the listing coords.

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Good morning balloni,

this settings is currently applied only when you add "final waypoint" to cache, not on later updates of these points. Because you are a lot more experienced geocacher, please think if "fix" you wants here, do not complicate life somewhere else. I just wants to be sure, that changing coordinates of cache itself everytime, you change coordinates of final waypoint, is not a problem. Thanks.

EDIT: ah I see another condition why this probably not work! To move cache to coordinates of "final waypoint", there needs to be two conditions. One is mentioned settings, and second is that cache should not be marked as "computed". And I think it should remain as is. Imagine you compute coordinates for a cache and change them. Then you for whatever reason edit final waypoint or just create a new waypoint with "final" icon and it will change your computed coordinates of cache. Is it correct? Hmm

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