Corrupt SD Card and Restore Backup to New SD Card and Now Point Attachment Pics are Not Showing

Sean Park shared this question 3 years ago

Hi All,

My Galaxy S5 Phone's SD Card got Corrupt and All Files are gone.

Since I always Backup all files, I switch to New SD Card and Restored all Files.

But now when I go to the Point and None of the points which I created does NOT show the Attachment Photos.

All my "Attachment Photos" for "Points" were located on the SD Card, and SD Card got Corrupt, I changed to New SD Card and Restored "All Attachment Photos" from my backup from Hard Drive.

But when I open the Locus Pro and Every Points Does NOT show attachment Photos, it shows the File Name but only with JPG icon and size 0 bytes.

I even did Restore with Backup, which I created before the corrupt sd card but still same thing...

Am I missing some setting tweak here??

Please help and Happy New Year everyone~~~!!!


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Good day Sean,

all photos/videos/audio are stored in Locus/data/media directory. Unfortunately this directory is not stored in backups that are made by Locus Map. Anyway you wrote that you have backup of your SD card, so please check if this directory with inner files was correctly restored.


Hi Menion,

All my "Attachment Photos" for "Points" were located on the SD Card, B/c I did not have enough space on the Local space, so I created Folders in the SD card and Moved All Photos to there and Choose Those Photos to the Points. (It took me Long time to do these.. :) )

And Everything are same in the New SD card (Folder name, File Name) but when I open the Locus Pro, Every Points do Not show attachment Photos, it shows the file name but only with JPG icon and size 0 bytes...

Why is it? Am I missing something here??

Thanks again....



Hello Sean,

hmm this may be a problem. Path to files defined in old device will be now different because new device has for sure different name of SD card. Also unfortunately paths to photos are not simply readable by any database editor, so it may not be simply fixed.

Hmm may you share with be backup of your points database (file data/database/waypoints.db) and also one or two photos together with precise path you have now defined? If possible, send it to email. I'

ll check if isn't possible to do some "hack" how to automatically attach photos from SD card in case, path has changed. But be aware please, that I cannot promise it will be possible. Thanks for understanding.