Crash while startup because of corrupt waypoint db

Wolfgang shared this problem 2 years ago


I just had a big problem. On the way to my holidays I activated a folder with geocaches. Locus crashed and was not able to start any more :(

After some tests I deleted the waypoints.db and the corresponding journal file. Now locus did start again :)

Puh I'm happy now.

Suggestion to bypass such a problem:

Option while startup to disable folders with waypoints/geocaches. So you are able to enable them later.

Maybe also to split the waypoints.db into different files so I may just delete one file and not all.

Thanks, Wolfgang

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Good day Wolfgang,

corrupted points or tracks database is really rare situation, that in best case should never happen. Sorry to hear that you had this issue with Locus Map. Btw. were you able to repair your database or you had any backup file?

Anyway not sure how may I help here. Option to disable loaded data should not help here. If database is really corrupted then Locus does not start at all, no matter if there is something to load or not.

And splitting folders into separate files should really slow down work with data, because Locus then needs to handle connection to multiple databases at once. Not an ideal solution I believe.

Corruption of points/tracks database also make me worry, unfortunately it is really rare and unexpected issue and I see no better solution that perfectly working backup manager ( which is not case of current Backup manager - timing is still not 100% perfect ).


Hi Menion,

I guess that not the complete database was corrupt maybe only the part of one folder. That's why I meant disable just all folders while starting up. Not at every startup just when someone has problems.

I had luck and could use an old backup and then import my latest GPX files. The "good" thing was that it happened during the yourney and not during the holidays.

I still have the defective database. If it helps you for something I may send it to you in two weeks.




understand. I'm surprised that Locus allows to work with database even that part is malfunction. Anyway I really suggest to repair it with following method.