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Crash while track recording if out of memory

Christian Pietzsch shared this problem 8 years ago


yesterday I noticed that Locus crashes, if you are running out of memory while recording a track. I had made a tour and took a lot of pictures and my SD card was filled to the last kB. Locus crashed and would crash again every time you open it up. After deleting a bunch of thumbnails I had free memory again and Locus worked fine again.

Sony Arc S LT18i Android 4.0.4 with Locus Pro 3.11.3

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Good day Christian,

thank you for your report. Unfortunately I have no idea how may I help here. Crashes because of lack of memory may happen. I never count it, but I'm sure that in Locus will be more then 200 places, where some feature access card for some data. To fix this should mean to manually check all these places and one after another improve system to correctly handle cases, when there will low amount of space.

I¨m sorry, but I think that it will require huge amount of time and work and I really hope that this is not needed here. Usually you should get some warning that you are low on disk space, so next time I suggest to take this warning seriously ;). Anyway thanks!


On external SD card you won't get a notification (can't remember to ever have gotten one) and you're used to ignore them if you haven an old phone ;)

Instead of fixing all possibilities you could display a warning that the app might crash if there are only a few MB left. The hardest thing to solve the problem was to figure out why the app kept crashing. Deleting a few files easily fixes it but you first have to know it.


Understand. Anyway still quite hard to solve ...

1. weird that you did not get notification on external SD card (I got it always when my memory is low)

2. when app crash on background during track recording, you will probably do not see any notification from Locus. App will be already closed by system. So there should be only some warning before that happen and question is when and how often? Also checking on free space is operation that require some time. Test it every five minutes? Every minute?

Hmm I fully understand problem that happen to you, but I'm still not fully convinced that it deserve some extra work. What about using app like this? ( and I'm sure there will be more of similar apps).


1) maybe it mixes with the low memory message that's always present xD

2) maybe just check when starting. When external memory (or internal if there is no SD card) is below 50MB for example you could show a hint once (not everytime the app starts)

Didn't now it was that complicated. I now know when the problem occurs and how to solve it, so it's fine for me.

Cheers Christian


It is not so complicated. I just sometimes needs some clear idea how to do it. In this case, I do not have it.

Anyway thanks for suggestion 2, I'll do it in this way. Just hope, this warning won't be too obtrusive. We'll see :).

Thanks for your useful topic!

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