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Crashes when zooming out too much using a vector map

Richard Brinkman shared this problem 7 years ago

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download vector maps of the Netherlands from mapsforge and put it in the mapsVector directory
  2. In Locus, select the vector map
  3. Zoom out until the app crashes

Since Locus remembers the zoom level, the app crashes immediately again upon restart. Only way to recover is to remove the all the settings for Locus or re-installing the app.

Since the problem does not happen when using the online tile-based maps, I suspect that the problem could by memory related.

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Good day Richard,

thank you for your report and sorry for a troubles. Unfortunately there is probably nothing we may do with this problem.

I have anyway two questions:

1. what version of Locus are you using?

2. did you tried to download vector map from Locus Store for same area?

  1. Locus 3.5.3
  2. I don't like paying for data that is supposed to be free (OPENstreetmap). So I did not try downloading from your store, nor do I want to use vector maps with less detail.

Unfortunately, I have to look for another app that does not crash so much. I use offline maps because I don't have internet abroad. And an unfortunate result of my recovery process is that I have to reinstall Locus for which I have to download some initial files (which I cannot do, because I don't have Internet abroad).

For the rest is Locus exactly what I need, but since you are probably not going to fix this severe bug, I have to look somewhere else.

Btw, I'm not the only one struggling with this bug. See also: which reports the same bug, which has not been fixed in the past 2 years.


Fine, thanks for answer.

1. old Locus probably on old 2.x device. Sorry, no way to help here. 2.x devices were very limited and every app may use only 16 MB of ram. Too low on vector maps.

2. three maps are for free, so enough to test

Good luck with different application. On 90%, you will get same errors as in Locus. To be true, I'm more then sure, that Locus is better memory optimized then most of other apps that use Vector maps based on MapsForge library.

If you have troubles with vector maps, just download some SQLite maps or give a try maps from Store. It may be little bit better (anyway not much).


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