Create folders using <Folder> of KML while importing

Nick Suter shared this idea 6 years ago

I group my routes into different folders in Google Earth, then export the top level folder as one KML.

I wish Locus created folders as per the <Folder><name> tag in the KML when importing the KML.

As it stands, I import the multi-route KML, then have to move routes around to other folders in Locus.

Having folders in Locus means I can enable/disable many routes at once by toggling the display of the entire folder.

This is applicable for both Data: Points & Tracks,

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Good day Nick,

to be true, I do not think this is a good idea. KML structure may be sometimes really really complex and result should be in such cases quite unpredictable.

In case you wants to use hierarchy used in KML file itself, I may suggest to use new "KML Browser" feature in latest Locus version. Use method described here: . Simply copy your files in Locus/mapItems directory and select it inside Locus. If you KML files won't be too huge, this may works as you wants.


Dobrý den,

toto řešení funguje jen na prohlížení, ale nedají se data filtrovat což při cca 7000 POI je docela užitečné :-)

Také bych se přimlouval aby se dal uplatnit parametr <folder> při importu treba jako zaškrtávací políčko.

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