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marc shared this idea 8 years ago

Hi there, i have experimented with locus for some time to use it for professional field data colletion. It ́s not perfect but it could for my use with a few tweaks. I will post them as seperate topics in ideas.

A csv export would be essential.

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Do you have ever had some problems with mass-editing the descriptions of your points and tracks?

Maybe it would be a nice possibility to get this done with CSV support. A CSV-file is pretty easy to produce AND read. Above this, file size is not so big. So it would be nice solution to host CSV file on dropbox and have it synced with Locus.

If you want to make changes to the information stored in the file, you simply can do this from the convenience of Excel or OpenOffice.

Hope this idea gets a lot of votes ;)

Cheers, berkley

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CSV export was improved in 2.18.0+ version of Locus, so it now contain more information and header is not language-specific, but contain still same parameters for better automatic processing.