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Custom Coordinate System not showing up in Locus

j8j8a8 shared this problem 5 years ago

I have attempted adding in a custom coordinate system into locus using the provided instructions shown in this (link). The coordinate system I am attempting to add isn't showing up. I have included what is in my config_projections.cfg below. Please help me make this work.# Configuration file (advanced settings) for Locus application

# allow to specify map projections, based on EPSG code. If you need some
# more specific projection, contact us
# every line should contain syntax and values have to be separated by '|' char
# 'type of definition' | 'EPSG code' | 'name' | 'description' | 'country'
# where 
#   'type of definition' is currently 1
#   'EPSG code' - known code from (eg.)
#   'name' - visible name
#   'description' - visible description in list
#   'country' - country of usage for sorting in list
# ----------------------------------------------------------------
1|2039|Israeli TM Grid||Israel
1|102748|NAD 1983 StatePlane Washington North FIPS 4601 Feet|Washingson|United States

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Good day j8j8a8,

thank you for a bug report. Indeed, this coordinate system was missing in app internal configuration. Will be fixed in next app version.


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