Custom live tracking: Parameter "speed" number format incorrect

Ramunz shared this problem 5 months ago

For the "speed" custom live tracking parameter, at least if "nmi/h" as unit is selected, Locus sends an incorrect number format containing a comma as decimal separator (at least for german locale) instead of the dot as decimal separator.

The behavior was correct (no commas occuring) at least some months ago.

For example in a (formerly working) setup for a private Traccar server, Locus sends out a http request similar to this one (lat, lon and altitude contents changed for privacy reasons...):

GET /?lat=53.95736&lon=4.18328&altitude=430.2&speed=0%2C4&timestamp=1575158320&id=174352&hdop=12.5 HTTP/1.1

As you can see, contrary to all other decimal paramters, the speed (in knots) is "0,4" (with comma) which the Traccar server cannot decode.

Please ensure standard decimal number format (with dot as decimal separator) for all custom live tracking parameter values regardless which units are selected and regardless which locale setting the android device runs. Else server communication will remain broken. Thank you!

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Good day Ramunz,

thank you for the precise bug report. Indeed, only speed seems to be affected by this problem.

We are just preparing a new version 3.42, so this issue will be fixed in the new version this week.