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Custom theme hide map style dropdown

Mike Byington shared this idea 6 years ago

I am in process of creating a custom theme and I am adding overlays that can be toggled on and off, but I only have one map style (Adventure). Is it possible to hide the map style dropdown box so it does not display the map style "Adventure" and only shows check boxes for overlays?

Internal themes don't show the dropdown (because it seems like internal themes are separated out by map style on the Theme page, despite the fact they are in one xml file?), I would like to hide the dropdown for map styles in my theme as well, and would like to know if this is possible.

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Hi Mike,

thank you for idea. It makes sense and in next version will be dropdown hidden for such situation.

You're right the internal themes have custom behavior and they are automatically "separated" from the definition xml file.

BR Petr


Excellent, thank you!

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