Custom training scheme

Rolf Aalders shared this idea 12 months ago
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Us a user I want to be able to setup custom "Audio feedback training scheme's", so that I can define my own training plan and get an audio trigger which notifies me when to proceed to the next step in my training.

For example I would like to create a plan/scheme which alerts me :

  1. at start: Start 5 minutes warming up
  2. After 5 minutesn: 5 minutes intense cycling,
  3. After 5 minutes: 2 minutes slow cycling
  4. After 2 minutes: repeat step 2 and 3 4 times
  5. Last step: cooling down: 5 minutes.

The current implementation of the audio coach/feedback "only" provides the possibility to set a list of variables which can be 'spoken' every x minutes/distance.

Being able to define own training plan would be great. :)

Thanks for this very feature rich app. I really love Locus !!



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I'm using a Tabata Timer for that