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Bryan McBride shared this idea 11 years ago
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Locus is amazing and I would love to use it more for field data collection projects. The biggest issue collecting data with Locus, is that you are limited to a few standard data fields (name, description, photo). If there were some way to use or create a custom form, that would be tremendously helpful. Would it be difficult to support a standard format like XForms? If I could browse out to my XForm (.xml file), and maybe use that as a new category or something that would really be awesome! Another option might be to tap into the Fulcrum API ( maybe as an extension? I`d be curious to hear your thoughts on this- thanks!

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This is exactly what I need also. Fulcrum does the job, but is a lot more expensive. If one could integrate that functionality in Lotus: great!


I just want to add another possibility for data collection in the field:

Another approach could be the use of XML and XSLT in a KMZ file.

XML for storing the data. XSLT to deal with the data...


I`m playing around with XML and CSS files. Following code works fine in Google Earth, but not in Locus:

<iframe src="cd_catalog_with_css.xml" name="iframe" scrolling="yes" frameborder="0"></iframe>

To try out yourself, just place these files into one directory and run the kml file: -> the xml file as data source -> the css file to display the data -> the kml file with a sample point

The most interesting part of that solution is, that this works offline.


Or simply try the kmz file including kml, css and xml file...

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