Custom online routing services

sherman shared this idea 5 years ago
In Progress

I would like to have a possibility to use more sources for route calculation.

The existing ones (MapQuest, CloudMade, Yours) are good for car navigation but when it comes to bike it is not so good.

There exist quite a lot routing services specialized for bike route computing. Most of them are a location specific (UK only, specific cities..) See the list of some of them here:

I do not need as good integration as the Locus has with MapQuest/CloudMade/Yours (although it would be nice). A possibility to semi-automate the process for entering start point, end point and then download and import a gpx file to mapitems would be sufficient.

Most of the services need only to specify the coordinates of starting/ending point right in the http request and then offer a link to download a gpx.

I guess it should not be too hard to implement this...

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Hello guys,

I've just finished work on extending Locus API for this feature.

"Unfortunately" it's not possible to just create some "xml" file with parameters and voala ... all done. I created complex system based on Android Service object that integrate directly into list of existing routing possibilities in Locus.

So add-on that will be based on this Locus API, will appear right next to MapQuest, Yours and others.

Is here anyone who is little bit skilled with developing on Android and would like to create add-on on any of existing service? I'm currently working on one, but it's not yet ready for publish, so I do not have any public sample for now.