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Janos Szolnoki shared this idea 6 years ago
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It would be very useful for me if I could customize my voice coach way more. When I'm skiing, and I can't reach my phone, it would be great if the voice coach would tell the current time of day and my altitute, or my maximum speed. When I'm rowing or biking I need different data. Since Locus supports text-to-speech, it would be awesome if I could create the whole message for the voice coach. For example: "You are hiking for #duration minutes, and you tracked #distance km, and gain #elevationgain m from start. Your current height is #altitude m." Of course because of the TTS, this whole thing could be on my own language.

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Hi John

do you know Training manager?

>You are hiking for #duration minutes, and you tracked #distance km

some values you want are possible



Thanks, but I use this function, but it has very few options now. It doesn't even have pace. What I would like to see is the extension of this.

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