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Dashboard: allow map resize

Krzysztof Antoszek shared this idea 5 years ago

It would be nice to allow to change the map size and position in the dashboard mode. This could allow for far more sophisticated dashboard UI thats currently available (right now the dashboard behaves like an overlay)

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Good day Krzysztof,

your idea means, that you needs and map view as a small component integrated in a dashboard right? Because now it is as you wrote ... dashboard serve as an overlay over a map. Which is from my point of view best option, because map is the core and dashboard should display only additional information.

You are probably building on system used in deprecated "custom screens", but is it needed to consider different system used in Dashboard.

To be true, I'm thinking if your idea has even some possible technical solution ...


Well you know best whats possible or what is not. Thats true that the Map is core Locus functionality and it should be displayed always. But if there is any posibility to allow to change the map element size (ex: dashboard special settings maybe) it would be awesome. If not, well, I will have to live with it :)

What I'm trying to achievie is to display a full map and aditional information on the screen. But dashboard in true is an overlay layer, which means it covers elements of the map. And thats what I'm trying to avoid :)


Hi Krzysztof,

the feature is implemented with the latest Locus Map 4 version. There is a new option in the dashboard settings to set "dashboard" as an overlay (current old solution) or as a separate view below or above the map.

Jiří M. aka Menion

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