Dashboard chart scaling of y-axis

DodalerAfenger shared this idea 9 years ago
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Hi there!

I have an issue regarding the scaling of the y-axis in a dashboard chart. E.g., when doing longer bike rides it may happen that you are doing quite some meters in height in the beginning, but later on its rather flat. So when you have set the chart to display e.g. the last 5km then your chart basically is only a flat line because the scale is chosen based on the whole trip. It gets even worse when one chooses to display slopes. It happens due to miss-measurements (at least I think so) my scale is something between -300% and 200%.

So what do I suggest? I think it would help a lot if the scale is always adjusted along with the data being displayed. Optionally of course.

Ok. I hope everything was understandable. ;-)

Thanks a lot! Michael

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