Dashboard does not resize correctly

Guenni shared this problem 7 years ago

I like the dashboard and I use it very often. The dashboard is not getting smaller, if the top menu bar the bottom bar, the recording track bar and the guiding bar are visible. So those toolbars overlap items at the top or bottom of the dashboard.

If I edit the dashboard, a title bar "Dashboard" is shown. This bar does not overlap the dashboards and the dashboard is resized to fit the available space.

Is it possible to resize the dashboard to avoid an overlapping of the above mentioned menu bars?

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Hello Guenni,

I don't think this is exactly a problem. It's more how it works now. Anyway I agree that it's little bit weird, so I've added small improvements. In next Locus version will be ability to define, if dashboard will resize with visible top and bottom panels or not.


Thank you very much. It works very well this 3.0.2. Locus becomes better and better each release ... Thanks for your work!


perfect, thanks for confirmation that "it works" :)

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