Dashboard: font size should decrese if value does not fit

Krzysztof Antoszek shared this idea 5 years ago
Gathering feedback

Not that big of a problem, but still. This occures mostly with "Track record time", when displayed in format HH:mm:ss and units sometimes in my theme the value is cropped. IMHO font size should automatically decrease in such case.

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I have the same problem (see attachement, time at the bottom in HH:MM:SS are too large).

However, I voted against because I want the big font for readability and wouldn't like that the font size decrease.

I would prefer that either :

- We can choose a static format between HH:MM:SS or HH:MM


- The field automatically change from MM:SS to HH:MM when time is greater than 59:59 and field (as HH:MM:SS) doesn't fit.



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