Dashboard item profile graph shows no data if navigation/guding mode is interrupted

Bucky Kid shared this problem 4 years ago

Hello, I met this problem yesterday. When I switch between navigation/guiding modes or stop whichever mode and start it again, dashboard profile graph reports no data available.

Resolution: close and open the dashboard

There's also random problem with disappearing whole track when I cut off a part of the track.


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thanks for a bug report. Issue with refresh of dashboard chart found and fixed, thanks!

Problem with track after some editing ... we are currently working on completely new track editor, where I believe this will be ( and probably already is as I did not noticed this problem ) fixed.


Thanks menion, the problem with not showing of visible track happens randomly also in other situations, so it may be not track editor related, but I'll wait for the update if it will fix. The common solution for all cases is open/close tracks manager or change magnification level.

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