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Dashboard: Name, Time to next waypoint, and Distance are displaying trackpoint information

Ryan Guisewite shared this problem 6 years ago

Instead of displaying the next waypoint information on a TCX Course (CoursePoint), the Name, Time to next waypoint, and Distance (and possibly others, but these are the one's I'm using and care about) all show the next trackpoint data... which is completely useless as the "trackpoints" have no name other than "Point N". The guidance panel shows the correct data here, but it is so tiny as to be unreadable while I'm cycling and doing quick glances at the screen to stay on course. A fix for this would be much appreciated!

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Good day Ryan,

thanks for a "bug report". I consider this more for a feature request anyway it will be improved in next Locus Map version, thanks.


Huzzah! One man's bug report is another man's feature :p Thanks Menion. Keep up the good work!

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