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Andreas Tannert shared this question 10 months ago


the Dashboard is a very important Locus Map feature for me. But to use it effectively the meaning of the values should be clear.

There is Speed/Tempo this value is changing a lot. I think it's the actual speed (collected from GPS?).

There is Average Speed/Tempo and Average Speed/Tempo (Movement). How these values get calculated?

There is Pace (min/km). How this value gets calculated? I'm not absolutely sure but the value isn't changing a lot, so I think it's the overall value and not the value for the last kilometer. But this would be more useful.

It would be nice to have the possibility to determine the calculation of the values. E.g. average the speed for the last 1 minute/10 minutes/30 minutes/1 hour or the last half kilometer/last kilometer .

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Good day Andreas,

when you open dashboard editor and try to add some values into layout, you may see that parameters are divided into sections. Some values are in "GPS" section. These values are updated with every new location (usually once per sec). Some are in "Track recording" section, and these are updated always, when new location is added to recorded track. How often this happen depends on setup of your recording profile.

Generally, average values in category "Track recording" are computed for a whole track. Alternative how to get information for certain distance/time is to use "Audio coach" feature.

I of course agree that it should be interesting and sometimes useful to see average values for a certain "last X mins/km". Maybe later.

Hope I've answered all your questions, otherwise feel free to ask.


Ahoj, prosím o změnu výpočtu hodnoty "Tempo". Důležitější je pro mne aktuální "Tempo",počítané z aktuální rychlosti.