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schach shared this idea 11 years ago
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During mountain-biking or mountain-hiking one of the most important guiding infos is the vertical distance to a target waypoint.

For example how many altitude meters to hike/climb to an alpine hut or the peak of a mountain? Or how many altitude meters to downhill to the bottom of mountain-bike trail?

Maybe also important for paragliders: how many vertical meters down to the landing area?

So, would be great if you could add the following field to the dashboard:

- Vertical Distance to Target [unit: "am" for "altitude meters" to easily differ from horizontal meters during guiding.

May also add the following intersting infos chooseable for dashboard

- Vertical Speed [unit: am/hour].

- Expected Arrival Time at target ("Time to target" is already chooseable)

- Map Name (when using Locus in full map screen with dashboard and top bar with this info is hidden)

- Date

- Battery Status of mobile phone

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When using guiding, it's at least as important as horizontal distance - it's usually shorter & easier to walk 5000m in flat than to ascend the tenth of it, 500m.


ETA, battery status is already exist if I'm right? Other values I don't find so important but I upvote vor VAMs (should be under recording stats since it's computed from passed part) and especially altitude meters to finish (ascent/descent only separately give sense). This data is really missing in navigation/guiding category. Should I add it as separate idea?

I'd also think that showing separated vertical speeds on track stats would come useful.


Just want to add my cope.

Vertical distance would be useful even with "Line to GPS". Now it shows azimuth and horizontal distance. Vertical distance would be appreciated. Now I have to read my current height, destination height and calculate.

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