Default directories problem changing to new phone

Ricyro shared this question 7 months ago


I backed up my settings on old phone which had an SD card and restored on new phone with no SD card.

My default directories on the new phone are all showing stored on an SD card and I cant change them. See attachment.

When I click on a directory to change it doesn't give an option to choose the phones storage.

I don't know how Locus is working. It all seems fine except it lost the link to my photos for waypoints. When I go back to relink photos just hangs and wont open to relink.


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Hi Rich,

since Android 5 or maybe older, the path /sdcard/.../..., indicated by the operation system, does NOT lead to an external SD card. It leads to your internal storage. Why it is so, I don't have a clue. Therefore, all default directories you see in the Locus settings, are stored in your internal memory. As you said, your phone doesn't have an external SD card, so it can't be otherwise.

By backing up just your settings you don't back up also your points and tracks. You have to do a full backup, best to a cloud like Dropbox or Google Drive. Also the links to photos are backed up. Then, on the new phone, you have to set the same storage for photos, with the same file path. If it is different (e.g. originally your photos were on the SD card and now they are not) the links between points and photos are broken and they have to be linked again manually.

best regards

Michal, Locus team


Thanks Michal, sorry to have troubled you about the issue.