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Peter Klein shared this problem 4 years ago
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It's nice Locus require to choose a default folder whan starting and offer an option "Do not ask again" (my UI is in slovak, I hope it is translated correctly). I have locus on SD card /storage/sdcard1/Locus. I do not want to move it anywhere. I have also add-on FreemapSk and it persists on having a Locus folder in the internal storage /storage/sdcard0/Locus. So I have two Locus folders and Locus always think it should provide me an option to choose which one I want to use.

Perhaps you think I should choose sdcard1 and the option "Do not ask again". It is working until the phone is without the sdcard e.g. when charging from my PC. In such situation Locus is not asking again but it silently choose sdcard0. Then I realize something is wrong, unplug the USB cable from the PC and start Locus again.

Here is the issue - Locus remeber the last used sdcard0 and do not offer me any option to choose sdcard1. I should delete the sdcard0/Locus directory and only then Locus ask to choose the default directory.

My suggestion is the option "Do not ask again" should remember the last choosen directory and should not silently switch to any other directory when the last used directory is not present.

Locus Pro, Android 4.2.2 on Sony Xperia L

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Hello Peter,

this is quite interesting.

Because during start, Locus tests currently available root directories and when something! change compare to previous start, it should display choose screen. It do not matter if you check "Don't ask" or not. Every change should display this start screen.

EDIT: one note. If you a while, please test BETA version and create two logs for me.

- first - just start Locus with inserted card and choose "Don't ask" and after a while close it. On second start, it should start without ask and use correct folder.

- second - then remove card and start Locus. From what you wrote, Locus choose internal directory without asking right? So just close it.

How to create logs is here -

Thank you!


I was playing with this about 1 hour. When I left the SD card

enough time to connect/diconnect it is working OK. My desired folder

/storage/sdcard1/Locus is remembered and Locus is asking only if it is

not present.

I have tried also scenarios with connecting/disconnecting USB

cable to my PC in the time when Locus is starting. I was able several

times to come to the situation Locus decided the scdard0 is the correct

location and stooped asking about it. This is the issue I reported. But I

wasn't able repeat this issue in a way I'm able to describe. Beside

this I also came several times to an error with data files - POI and


Finally I can say if a user is working in smooth way, Locus is

also working smooth. I think this is enough and it is not necessary to

further explore this issue.


Thanks for your invested time.

Seems there is some time, when Locus think that directory is already ready and it isn't. Weird is, that it automatically choose internal folder and external is not available.

Anyway, because of your specific use-case, I would rather contact developer of FreeMapSk add-on, because requirement to have Locus on internal memory is quite weird and has quite simply solution as Locus API offer ability to get current Locus root directory.

Anyway if you find any problem in current solution that I'll be able to reproduce, feel free to contact me, I'll gladly try to fix it.