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Default Zoom and Theme per maps?

jtkorken shared this question 5 years ago

Hello all,

is there a way in Locus to define and "SAVE" a map zoom PER map, or at least ZOOM on/off status? For me it is very annoying, when switching between bit map and vector maps, to re-adjust ZOOM factor (or Switch zoom on/off), as otherwise with zoom on Vector maps are magnified to an unusable scale and with zoom off bit maps can hardly be read on high res devices.

Similar aspect is, that Vector Themes cannot be made "Map Specific", right?

Thanks in advance

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I think there is a feature request out there; for sure it is not the first time this is discussed/requested.


Hello jtkorken,

no such settings exists, sorry.

"Map theme linked to map" idea, as Michael wrote, already exists here:


Hello Menion,

so what about placing a request then?

Do you think configurable Zoom per Maps had a chance?




they are two possible approaches:

a) keep zoom level for every map separately, so you will always return to previously used zoom level for certain map, but you'll never know it's value before you select a map

b) try to keep zoom level same, no matter what map you select. This is current Locus Map approach and from my point of view, it's correct.

Anyway understand that changing vector map from zoom 22 to raster zoom 15 cause huge re-scale.


Hi Menion,

this topic as I understand it is about the "Increase Map Resolution", not the traditional zoom. So not sure I understand your arguments.

The need for fixing the extra zoom factor is inherent to the nature (detail level, font sizes etc.) of maps, in combination with screen resolution and size, and personal viewing capabilities, in particular for raster maps.




Yes, understand. We talk mainly about problem when you from vector map at zoom 21 select some raster map with max zoom 15 and you get 15/6400% scale. Little crazy, agree. Whole zoom system it little complicated. Maybe it should make sense to allow max. 15/400% when changing zoom level to lower-resolution based map. I was looking on it for a while and even it doesn't look so, such simply task is little complicated to do ...


That is only one scenario, yes, Menion.

The other one and less extreme is if you go from raster map to vector (via overlay-workaround), let's say from ZL 10 to 11.

The raster map may need a display zoom of 300%, while the vector map with its theme is best with display zoom 150%

You already collect quite a number of data per map in a database, so the carrier for the two additional data fields for each map is there (e.g. "DispZoom", "MapTheme"). Only question is how to set the specific values without much hassle.

I propose this: in map management you currently offer Details, Center Map and Delete behind the three dots. Here you can easily add "Map theme" and Display zoom" as two more options.

Clicking "Map theme" offers the existing theme selection screen, yet instead of switching the current theme, you set the user selected value in the database for the resp. map.

Clicking "Display zoom" offers the existing "Increase map resolution" screen.

It would be convenient if this option could be offered for a map FOLDER, too, and the selection will be added to all maps in the particular folder.

For raster maps the theme selection is not used/disabled.

So there is not much to add or invent here. The execution is straight forward. Whenever a change of map happens, the values from the databse apply.

In case of overlay, the setting from the map with the better visibility (opacity) wins.

The anomaly you describe I would ignore. The user typically knows his or her maps (and their max zoom) and would not be surprised if an overstretched raster map appears. Two or three clicks or long press and you are in a nice range again.

What do you think ?


Good day Michael,

thanks for precise description. I understand your idea, but as you wrote "Two or three clicks or long press and you are in a nice range again". This is exactly what I think also about current solution.

Such solution will need some time to implement and I do not consider this as priority task, sorry.

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