deferred map download blocks downloads of other maps

Peter Kundrat shared this problem 2 years ago
Not a Problem

When i want to download several maps where the first one hits the daily limit, i am now blocked,

as i cannot start another download while there is one pending download (each download attempt recalls pending download continuation dialog).Having multiple pending downloads would allow downloading maps from multiple provders that exceed download limit and finish all within a day or two. This is IMO a design defect.

Ideally the download should be retried automatically on the background without having to take care of this as a tamagochi requiring constant attention.

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Hi Peter,

you're right it's needed to finish one download to be able start another one. It's limitation of Locus and there are no plans for improving. Basically we always suggest to combine online maps with offline LoMaps. The idea is to use LoMaps that cover for example whole country and if you really need some online map then download only small area of interest. Thanks for understanding

Best regards