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I have created a route with brouter and opened it via 'map elements'. Unfortunately, the track is full of waypoints so that whenever I tap the route on the map it asks me whether I want to select the track or one of the 'turn left' etc. waypoints.

What are these waypoints good for? I have never used them? Can they *all* be deleted by one simple step?

Thank you!

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A. Generate a track without navigation waypoints:

The manual:

UNCHECK: Include navigation hints - when checked, Locus creates also direction commands related to the new route which can be used for voice navigation.

B. An already existing track (in database) HAS navigation waypoints:

The manual:

"When importing track and detached waypoints in one imported file Locus Map offers connecting the waypoints to the track so that they are stored in the same database and displayed on the map together. Otherwise the points are stored in the points database and can be managed and displayed separately"


- Export track from database to external gpx file.

- Reimport the gpx file back into the Locus database.

At import: Separate track and waypoints by UNCHECK "Merge points with imported track".

Find waypoints in database Points folder ( free DELETE later) and the 'naked" track into database Tracks folder (KEEP)



Thank you very much!

Regarding A:

Is there a possibility to achieve this when using the brouter Standalone App for longer distances (with 'from' and 'to' waypoints). As far as I know there is a timeout for routing calculations in the app.

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