Delete/modify point recently added in track being recorded.

myneur shared this idea 8 years ago
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New point editor is much better now but it is not possible to remove/edit point recently added into track being recorded.

This is useful when I made a mistake (wrong name, e. g. typo or accidentally added point before typed all).

It would be great at least to remove the point, or ideally even to edit it (to correct mistakes).

The only option now is to add a second point and try to ignore a first one.

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At this moment you need to save track and after that you're able to edit/remove points. But I understand that this different feature then you need. I have to say that it makes sense, but we'll have to wait what Menion will say...


From practical point of view, it's clear. From technical point of view it's quite complicated task for me.

Because I never needed such feature, I don't think it's too important. So we will see what "votes" say


+1 because I use track points for mapping notes and based on new information (e.g. different view angel), ever now and then I would like to correct (=delete or edit) an already created track points. Nothing highly important, but it's not really neat to add a POI "ignore that track point" next to the track point and have to care about two information sources during mapping.

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