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Deleting trackpoints causes Locus Map to crash.

Taras D shared this problem 5 years ago

I carried out some experiments today that required me to delete trackpoints in an imported track.

Locus Map (V3.25.5) crashed ("Unfortunately Locus Map has stopped") after deleting several trackpoints but I could no establish a pattern. Sometimes it would crash after the second deleted trackpoint, another time it was after deleting 4 or 5 consecutive trackpoints.

I submitted at least 3 crash reports so hopefully they contain sufficient information to reveal the cause of the problem.

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Good day Taras,

sorry for a complications. Logs you send ( probably directly over device somewhere to Google black hole ) are unfortunately useless. What I need is describe here . If you will be able to simulate same problem with latest Beta version, it will be even better, but not necessary. Thank you.


Yes, I used the default reporting system so I guess the logs are in the "Google black hole". :(

I thought at least a copy of the logs would be sent to your attention.

I will try to recreate the problem and send a debug log.


I have partially access to these logs, but there is currently over 1000 logs without and good option to filter them and search between them, so really really unusable system that I do not like ( and do not use ). Report here, with description how this happen and also created log is way better. Thanks.

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