Detected a hanging wakelock when not using locus. (name shown in wakelock detector is "ZR")

Šimon Demočko shared this problem 3 years ago
Not a Problem

Sometimes, even when I killed the app and requested it to turn off guidence and GPS, it would hang a ZR wakelock detected in Wakelock Detector. I was not tracking anything with Locus at the time. This would drain battery significantly by keeping the device awake and sometimes leaving the GPS fix on, even when the app was killed.

Not gonna test it very soon again, I found this out while I was hiking. But I just wanted to let know that I have seen this happening. In case you cannot see the issue happening, I will try to isolate the problem more next time on a hike.

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Good day Šimon,

hmm it really happen? It is of course bad if detector was correct. I'll try to keep my eyes open. Anyway if you find some exact steps that leads to this problem, it will be really useful. For now, thanks for report.


Hello Šimon,

unfortunately I was not able to detect same problem on own device and I'm sure, some other users should report same issue when it happen (as battery power is one of most precious substance).

I'll be of course watching this (low power consumption is also one of my biggest priorities).