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Difference between Dashboard and Custom screen?

R3gi shared this question 6 years ago


I think I understand the technical background difference between Dashboard and Custom screen, but I don't see a big difference from the point of user's view (btw. I'm a new user). The result for the user is nearly the same, except the fact that custom screen can probably display more advanced graphical content than the dasboard.

I mean wouldn't it be better to place dashboards and custom screens to the same category/list/screen and separate them visualy in that category/list/screen?

So I would like to ask, what is the difference between dashboard and custom screen – from the user's view – and why it's separated in the UI (don't you think it can bring more confusion)?

Thanks ;-)

EDIT: Related knowledge base articles: Custom Screens, Dashboards

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"custom screen" is an obsolete feature and is to be terminated soon after Menion finishes adding rotation objects (like compass) to the "dashboard". Therefore, it's now "hidden" so that less experienced users aren't confused by it and use dashboards instead.



If he can add a big arrow that works like the tiny arrow (above the map) now does, and like the big one used to (see my recent gripes), I'd be happy.

Especially if you could also add a variety of geocache info tidbits...


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