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Jörg Sprenger shared this question 4 years ago
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Hello I'll try to explain the somewhat cryptic title. Last week, I noticed a hike in the Alps, the locus map my current position on the height charts, track info, or in the dashboard different and thus wrong. The position in the dashboard would be located much later in the track than in reality. The position in the elevation chart of the trackinfo was correct. At the same time, I took both screenshots directly one after the other. LG, Joska Is this known, or am I making a fast recognizable mistake?



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Hi Jörg,

we are publishing a new version today, please test the issue with it. Thanks



Good day Joska,

link to original topic that has bigger images: https://forum.locusmap.eu/index.php?topic=6625.new;topicseen

I'm checking the problem and current behavior is "correct" (from a developers point of view). On your first image is visible you use guidance. Do you know why guiding line display point 2.5km far away on the road? Because this point is visible on the chart. App expects that you are very close to current guidance target so, from performance reasons, it displays this point instead of your real location.


Hello Menion

Can't answer your questions. In my oppinion, this navigation distance ist not the distance to destination on the track, but the direct distance over ground from actual point to destination point.

I had thought the "route guidance" would indicate the track distance to the destination, not the direct airline.

As i see, the real distance on both representations, dashboard vs. trackinfo/diagramm, seems to be the same, appr. 12.5 km.

Maybe, I'd understood wrong, the real working of "route guidance".


Hello MenionI didn't get the description from you. Why does Locusmap say that the destination is 2.5 km away? Is it due to settings that I made in Locusmap without being aware of the effects?


Hello Joska,

I do not know exactly, there may be more reasons. Anyway, check Settings > Guidance > Next routepoint distance value. The default value is somewhere around 50 - 100m.

You may read about guidance in our manual here anyway generally if you have already planned route you want to follow, usually better is to choose "Navigation" which gives something close to usually used navigation system in other apps with the correct highlight on the map together with voice notifications (optional).

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