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Different themes for a basemap and overlay not work

Igor Magellan shared this problem 4 years ago
Not a Problem

In the latest versions of Locus has ceased to support different themes for a basemap and overlay if they are both vector. Set only one topic on both maps!

Sometimes it is necessary, for example, on a fresh map without contour lines of elevation (eg. to put on top of an older map that contains this horizontal theme "Countours", as in the screenshot


Both maps now had the theme "Countours"

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Good day Igor,

before I start dig deeper here, I have to ask: this worked before?? If so, I'm really surprised :) ( if I remember source code of Locus Map correctly, it sounds to me almost as impossible, because there should be globally defined only a single theme, not a theme-per-map ).



a) more and quite complicated idea to improvements then a bug report

b) no response from Igor

I'm sorry, but even an idea like this will be declined. Keeping two map themes in memory at once will be really slow and dangerous.

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