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Different values between FIT format and direct Runalyze export

blahdi shared this problem 15 months ago

The newly supported FIT format in Locusmap is awesome. Thank u.

I exported the same activity/track from Locusmap 1) directly into RunAnlyze and 2) exported to FIT file and then imported it into RunAnlyze.

Here are some differences in the results

a. Duration - Direct export=3:59. FIT =6:52 - 6:52 is the Elapsed time in both options.

b. Pace - Direct export=1.4mph , FIT = 0.8mph. Not sure which one is more accurate. Is Pace calculated by RunAnlyze?

c) Calories - big difference in calories, but I assume that is calculated by RunAlyze.

See attached file for screenshot of columns in runalyze.

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Good day blahdi,

thanks for the nice test. Which values are correct?

Direct export to Runalyze use TCX file format, which I expect should work correctly (tested over years).

The difference in pace and calories may be caused by a huge difference in total time. So we should focus and fix this problem.


I'm testing it too and seems that TCX ignores some pauses compare to FIT that do not. So my own tracks imported from TCX match Locus Map value "Track time (movement", FIT then match to "Track time". Hmm and now what to do with it ...

I've found nice table here: . Seems that by their table, TCS does not support "pauses" so they maybe compute them manually compare to FIT where they expect to be already included from exported application. But I have no idea how to solve this ... any ideas?

EDIT: ah back, I was looking into an incorrect column for TCX. So my above paragraph is not correct.


1. The Duration that was imported from FIT format seems definitely incorrect - it should be 3.59. [same value as Direct Export to Runalyze].

2. RunAlyze recommends using FIT format since it is the richest format, and probably because its binary (small files) - maybe, there is a way to Direct Export to RunAlyze with FIT format.


Export of FIT file directly over Locus Map gives the exact same result and exactly the same problem.

Anyway, I think I have found one tiny problem in export FIT, so please give a try to next version, it should work better.



. I will try the new version and let u know. Thank u!

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