Direction in Track?

Wolfgang Schweitzer shared this question 8 months ago

Apart from navigation, I'm using Locus Map to create a track when I travel. I'm using Geosetter to geotag my photos using the track created by Locus Map. Geosetter has the ability to write also directional EXIF data.

Does Locus Map write directional data into the track?

This would allow me to mount my smartphone in my camera's hotshoe to record not only location but also the direction, pitch and roll. My (current) phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, if I remember right, it has a 3D fluxgate compass, so it should provide the required data.

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Good day Wolfgang,

from what I understand, you do not need direction values of your movement, but direction values where your device is currently pointing, right? Unfortunately, such feature is currently not available in Locus Map. It is same with pitch and roll values.

I do not know from where Geosetter use directional values for write of EXIF information, but it probably use some custom tags for GPX files, because by default, this format does not support such values as I know.



Thanks for your quick answer, Minion!

You understood right. And yes, extension tags are needed to record direction, pitch and roll. Do you by chance know an app that records the required data, in a GPS track? (If not it's not a problem, just say no if you don't)


Hello Wolfgang,

unfortunately, I do not know.

Anyway, it is more about "what is Geosetter able to read" from GPX or any other format. Which application is able to provide this little special information should be known more on some Geosetter forum/blog.

I'm thinking how Locus Map may help here, but it is not so simple. To support these values, it should need to a) keep rotation sensors enabled for the whole time (currently they are enabled only when needed for some map rotation etc.), b) extend database because such values need to be stored somewhere before export and c) support it in export itself.

All these steps are doable, but little "overkill" for such special usecase. Thanks for understanding.


Okay, fair enough - thanks again, Minion!


Hello Locus,

your FAQ holds one mistake in the description of how to avoid the loss of GPS fix on a Samsung Android 9 device:

instead of

Android 9 - Settings > Apps > 3-dot button top right > Special access > Optimise battery usage > down arrow > select all > scroll down and turn on the switch at Locus Map

it must be

Android 9 - Settings > Apps > 3-dot button top right > Special access > Optimise battery usage > down arrow > select all > scroll down and turn off the switch at Locus Map

When I followed your description (after having lost GPS often when my Samsung Note 8 switched to standby), I was surprized to find that the setting WAS already on. But recapitulating the sense of the setting - "optimize battery usage", meaning power to the app will be cut if the device goes to standby mode - I realized that of course the app must be excluded from that power saving mode in order to keep working even in standby mode. Therefore, the setting must be OFF.

In case it plays any role, my device - a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950F - runs Android 9 Kernel-Version 4.4.111-1698991

My 2 cents... keep the good work up!




Hi Wolfgang,

thanks for the notice. The manual article has been fixed.

best regards

Michal, Locus team