Disable Display of Track - POI Info when using the "Center Map on GPS" Function

Oliver Naumann shared this idea 7 years ago

I use Locus as my everyday Map tool, also for hiking. When I follow a track I sometime want to see the info on a track point or POI, for this the "show info when selected" function works nicely. But the problem is, it is not only showing the info when I select the item with the cursor (red) or tap on it, but also when I use the "Center on GPS" function and the blue arrow or green cricle is touching a trackoint or POI, hiding significant parts of the map (espescially when driving).

Suggestion: Have an option to disable the display of Track point / POI info when in "Center on GPS" mode. Alternative: Have the track info displayed away from the point, like at the border of the screen.



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Am I the only one using this feature?


Yes I have the same problem! its sometimes very anoing when followin a track and all the time the track info is shown or the track is highlighted.

Please let us switch it off ;-)


Hi guys,

I think that switch is not needed here. You are of course right that various items on map should not be automatically selected when you just walk with enabled "centering of map".

So since next version, Locus should not select items below current location when you have enabled centering.

When you will have chance (after I publish any test version or in next release), test it and let me know if there will still be any problem.


stupid question: Where do you publish the test versions?


Join to Locus beta testing Google+

community https://plus.google.com/communities/105669867009952671671

Then click on link "Become a tester" that is placed in section About community. Finally install Locus Free via Google Play

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