Disable "Navigation-Guidance already active" message

Alan Budden shared this problem 3 years ago

When geocaching, I often swap between the compass view and the map view. Once I've gone back to the map view, I click on the icon in the top left hand corner (two arrows and a circle) to go back to the point info screen and then press the same button (now at the bottom) and pick "Compass" to get back to the compass.

When I do this, a message pops up saying "Navigation/Guidance already active. Abort previous and start new", even though the "new" guidance that is starting is identical to the old one. This is quite annoying.

Would it be possible to:

1. Only display the message when the new point is different to the old one

2. Include an option to disable the message completely (I have never, ever, pressed "Cancel" in response to this message and when geocaching it's very common for me to switch points that I'm going to as I find one geocache and move on to the next)




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I voted especially for your point 1 but I thought maybe this could be a bug since 3.11.3


Hi guys,

interesting, such an issue (point 1.). I've changed topic to a "problem" as this seems to be a real problem. Improvements to next version:

- when guidance to single point will be enabled (also switched from map to compass), no question will appear

- only! if currently navigation/guidance along a track will be active and you will wants to start different navigation/guidance (along track/waypoint), this question will appear.

Reason for this behavior is mainly to prevent loss of some temporary tracks used just for navigation (like result of auto-recalculate) etc. Hope this solution will be a lot better.


Sounds great, thanks!