display in Locus store "region-map" for countries with more than one map

balloni55 shared this idea 8 years ago
In Progress

e.g. i am in preparation of a trip to the river Loire in France and want to download the needed maps from store.

But i don´t know the name of the regions.

So it would be a benefit to display a overview map like this after county selection:gtbJLPe9maF6gJAUEhGG

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like it. but that's a lot of work... ;D


Don't worry, we have this already prepared ;)


Hi guys,

what about this idea? Is currently implementation working for you? I found this idea during searching for something completely different. And I think, we may close this right?

Only thing, what am I personally still missing, is simple "map" button directly in certain map detail. Because from time to time, I also wants to see a one single item on some map preview, to sea bounds of this map.

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