Display of in-device geotagged photos: add recursive search

Georg D shared this idea 3 years ago

In v3.18.2 a new feature for display of in-device geotagged photos was added. I played around and had the impression it does not work reliably - a few photos appeared, but the majority not. In http://help.locusmap.eu/topic/show-a-localized-photo-in-locus#comment-29757 I found the reason: Photos are only searched in the defined folder, not recursive in sub folders. As I do have more then a hundred photo folders - besides one "general" one also one for each trip, event... with more photos - adding each of them is simply tedious, also I must remember to add new folders.

=> I'd like photo search to be recursive. Who's fearing performance impacts can simply select lowest directory level and have the current behaviour.

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Good day Georg,

in next version will be option to

- turn on/off certain "added folders", so it is not needed to add/remove them from the list

- enable option "include subdirectories", that will handle also first level subdirectories, not recursively!

I believe this first level will be enough for most of users.


Hi Menion, 1 level is fine for me and works in v 3.18.9 - thank you :)


Glad to hear it ;)