Display bearing more precise.

Sergey Louks shared this idea 7 years ago

I’ve been using your program for a long time and find it very helpful. Two years ago I purchased a pro version. Currently I work for a company which deals with GIS-systems and 3D modeling of the city (St. Petersburg, Russia). Our 3D model is frequently used for sight distance evaluation of buildings which are being constructed. This 3d model is also used for controlling whether new building corresponds to height regulations. Often I have to search for high-altitude objects which turn out to be in area I’m interested in. I use Locus Pro for these purposes.

I set the first point of the route on the place from which I was making a photo, the second point is set on the object at the foreground or at the middle distance which is coincided with the object that I search for. Then I remember the bearing, delete the second point and do the “throw further” command setting the bearing which I remembered. This is where mistake occurs because the bearing is rounded to integer degree.

So I wonder is it possible to display bearing more precise, showing at least three decimal numbers because objects are often located far from each other (6-15km). I would be very glad if you implement this function.

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Hello Sergey,

I received email from you yesterday, but seems that you really want this feature :). Anyway GetSatisfaction for ideas is better place ...

Back to topic. From my point of view, any number after decimal point, is quite nonsense on these devices. On second side, maybe some better professional devices with android exists, or will come ...

Anyway I added this to a locus configuration file. More information is here http://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php/manu... . Parameter you need is format_units_angle_decimal_count and this will work in next 2.10.2 version


Is this option still valid? I updated decimals in config file but angle is still shown as full 1 degree steps. Same applies to mils, they have resolution equal to 1 degree.

What I´m looking for is bearing reading in mils (Russian 6000 or Nato 6400) with 1mil resolution. Now resolution in 6000mils is ~17mils which equals to 1 degree.