Display on = GPS on (even when recording a track)?

Acthor shared this question 9 years ago

When recording a track the time between GPS fix is quite long to save the battery.

Even so I want locus to show my position continuously while my display is turned on.

How can I do that?

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How about improving the GPS control in general.

There are several actions in Locus, which require different GPS handling:

- finding the current location, when calculating a route for navigation

- navigation (different types: driving by car, driving by bike, walking)

- display is on and map follows current position

- recording a track

- ...

In each situation a different timer interval for the GPS fix is required. I would resolve these (conflicting) requirements with following implementation: Each Locus action, which requires one or more GPS fixes adds a GPS request entry to a GPS request list. This GPS request entry contains the required timer interval and the owner (i.e. the action). When the action is completed, then it removes its GPS request entry from that list. Each time, when the list changes, an effective GPS timer interval is computed, e.g. by determining the shortest interval within that list. Only the effective timer interval is applied for controlling the GPS receiver. The results of each GPS fix are distributed to all GPS request owners.

What do you think about this proposal?



With GPS always on (when using Locus) and "auto-off" unchecked, I can easily have guiding or recording a full day on my battery. So I do not need more settings. 3G is the real battery eater!


My proposal does not require new settings. Almost all timer interval can be hard-coded in Locus or derived from already existing settings (like track recording settings). Here are some examples:

- screen on + map follows position -> interval=0 (equals as fast as possible)

- track recoding -> interval=track recording interval

- navigation (auto) -> interval=0

- route calculation -> no interval (i.e. single GPS fix)

The "auto-off" switch is not needed any longer. You will get this feature for free with my proposal.

Btw my battery lasts 4 hours when having GPS always on. Thus, any battery saving algorithm helps to survive one day in the wilderness.


That would be nice.

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