Displaying vector map with other than built-in theme is broken

Andrej Bruder shared this problem 5 years ago
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Hi, I have installed themes for vector maps from http://osm.paws.cz/

(To be precise, these two:



Unfortunately, some parts of the map are not themed correctly (see screenshot, the blueish part is not displayed correctly. Country: Slovakia).

I am not sure if it is the theme problem or Locus problem.

I tried to clean cache but it did not help. Is there anything on my part I can do about that?

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Dear Andrej,

if I understand it correctly: the map itself it's LoMaps map and the theme is from paws.cz. Well it's very likely issue of the theme if the map works properly with internal themes. I think that paws.cz themes are developed for paws maps and should be used with their maps. Please test it with their maps.

Best regards


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