distance in "points" screeen is different to distance in "basic info" screen

pietzke shared this problem 5 years ago

If you open a folder in points screen, it shows a distance and direction for every point in the list. This distance however is different do distance and direction of a poit shown in the upper left corner of the basic info screen of the point itself.

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Hello pietzke,

I agree it's little bit confusing. Problem here is that points in list use for sorting (and compute of distance) current location of map center. But small overview in point detail use last known location of your device (your current GPS location). That's why distances and angle are different.

Few months ago, we tried to change sorting of points also by last known location, but it wasn't right step by most of users, so we changed this back.

You may anyway set sorting in list to current GPS by config file http://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:customization:configuration_file and parameter "gui_data_point_list_sort_by_gps".

Hope it's more clear now.


Yea, this makes it clear. Thanks alot for the workaround!