Distance in track details 2D?

C Schrodet shared this question 12 months ago


I was wondering if LOCUS calculates the 2D distance of a track or the 3D distance which includes the altitude. For example: If you walk at a sharp gradient for one meter horizontal by "climbing" one meter altitude, you have to walk root 2 meters (1,41m). Does LOCUS display for that example a distance of 1m or 1,41m?

An easy way to get the real walked diatance is to calculate the hypotenuse of a rectangular triangle by using the 2D distance of the GPS-track (length of the line) as one side and the whole altitude on the other side.

Thank you!

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Locus adds horizontal distance when measuring distance during track recording. The deviation from the "3D" measurement you propose is marginal. We made a quick test with a track recorded in Swiss Alps -15,6 km distance, 1400 m positive and 1400 m negative elevation gain. Deviation from 3D measurement is 200m distance which is 1,2%. I discussed it with Locus developer and he considers this solution a mere mathematical complication with close-to-zero effect.


Thank you! Thats totally true.